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Film festival distribution is paramount to publicise your work and build your first connections in the industry.

I have been working in distribution for over 10 years in various projects. During this time I have assisted many directors and designed the distribution strategy of over 500 short and feature films.

I understand distribution as a global process, which encompasses from the preparation of the materials and submission of copies, to an ongoing contact with festivals and the post-selection documentation.

Our goal is to make sure that your only concern is travelling to the festivals, so that you can start working on a new project.


This is one of the most significant changes of the last few years – it is difficult to distribute a film in festivals without allocating some money to pay for those fees. In our platform, we have designed a tool to manage fees and we are in continuous contact with festivals to negotiate discounts and fee waivers.

Main actions in the distribution process

Festival submissions

Each month we send you an e-mail with an updated list of planned submissions, and those that we have already initiated. 

This way, you can see what the expected submissions are and send us your proposals.

We usually work with no pre-set submission limit; it depends on the distribution strategy. In any case, just so you have a general idea, as part of an intensive strategy we may send submissions to at least 200 festivals within the first six months.

Sign-up on submissions platforms

Registration platforms are essential to the distribution process.

We sign-up your film on all platforms in order to reach more festivals.

We study each platform and bear any submissions expenses.

Print Trafic

For festival selection processes, we also submit the screener copies and arrange with you the preparation of a folder containing all required material.

If it is required to submit a DCP, we make the necessary copies and stay in touch with the festival in case any issues arise. 

Throughout the years we have accrued significant experience in regard to copies.

Entry fees Management

We take registration fees very seriously. We stay in contact with festivals and negotiate discounts and waivers.

We have developed our festival tool so that you can track fee expenditures and the deals that we make with each festival

Web Space

We have our own website for your distribution, where you can have your own information sheet and offer material for download.

In the website we have a blog where we regularly publish the selections and awards received by our films.

You can see the website in the link below:

Festival tracking platform

Throughout the years we have developed one of the best festival tracking tool in existence on the market. 

It involves a list with filterable fields that allow you to track the entire distribution process and easily and quickly see the sequence of festival premieres. 

You will get a private link to access it at any moment, and you will also be able to download all the information in Excel format.

“We care for each film independently, creating personalised strategies and providing you with the best distribution tools.”

Let’s work together

We have only one way of working, because we commit to each project in equal measure. This means that prices depend on the time and fees that you can invest on. 

You have two options available:

If you go all in on your project and know that you want to distribute it for one year (which is the most advisable) you can make a single payment of 2,400€ plus VAT. In these cases we include 150€ for the direct payment of festival fees, which we bear ourselves.

In case you opt to hire the service for six months, the cost is 1,200€ plus VAT. We include 50€ for the payment of fees, which we also bear ourselves.

Keep in mind that, when starting with a selective distribution, very few registrations are made per month, which is why we will not take into account the months in which we have very few submissions. 

We will start counting the months since the moment when we have registered to at least 10 festivals; in this way, you can rest easy if we make submissions to few festivals during the first few months so as to care for the initial distribution strategy.

In addition to the amount that we include in these two methods, you may also make extra investments on registration fees, and we will manage them. We also try to make payments with discounts and we obtain fee waivers thanks to the relationship that we have with many festivals.

In order to start working together we need to sign an agreement, which you will find below.

As soon as you sign it you will receive a PDF copy of the agreement and the invoice. At the same time, I will send instructions in order to start preparing the material for distribution.

Our agreements are 100% digitally handled with a proprietary application; along with the copy of the agreement you will receive an exclusive digital signature report.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

About Ismael Martin

Throughout my professional career I have distributed over 500 short films in film festivals, accruing over 15,000 selections and 2,000 awards. These include a number of Goya nominations and one Oscar nomination. During the last few years, I have also started distributing independent feature films in festivals.

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