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Selected Films is a new distribution project specialized in film festivals for both, feature films and short films, of all genres. Our mission is to create a catalog of quality films that have a potential in the international market, allowing directors and producers to broadcast their work in the best possible way.

We globally understand the distribution in festivals meeting all needs: custom strategy, registration, and monitoring in the festivals, also, contact with the programmers, traffic and sending of copies, management of registration fees, among others.

In a market where more than 12,000 films are distributed per year, it is necessary every time to bet on specialization and selection. Selected Films was born as an answer to this increasingly saturated market, we only work by invitation, viewing and analyzing all the films that we incorporate into our catalog.

Selected Films is a project created by Ismael Martin, after more than 15 years distributing in film festivals, with more than 20,000 selections in 80 different countries, with numerous Goya awards, and two Oscars nominations. Ismael Martin is responsible for many other distribution projects, such as Madrid in short, OFF ECAM FilmNow and Shorts Distribution. He is also the author of the festival distribution blog ismaelmartin.com

Our festival platform

To guarantee a customized distribution and strategies, taking into account the details of each project, we have developed our app called Gestión de Festivales (Festivals Management), which allows us to create a strategy and track the distribution, both of the planned shipments, and those already made.

We have also improved the management of registration fees, to be able to know the situation of payments and expenses right away, as well as the negotiations that we reached with the festivals.

The operation is very simple, we generate a private link for each film that can be shared between the director and the producer.

Numbers of Selected Films

In these three years, we have shown that taking care of the distribution in a customized way works. During this time, we have distributed around 60 short films, 15 of them have been documentaries and two feature films, fiction and documentary.

During this time, we have obtained around 1300 selections and 200 awards, in the second year we were already present in the nominations of the Goya awards, with a broad representation in the preselection. The highest growth of Selected Films occurs from 2017 to 2018, after a year of preparation and testing in 2017 with 82 selections, we went up to 527 in 2018, and this 2019 we have already exceeded 600 selections.

Our films have won selections at festivals of great international prestige and all sizes, such as Tampere, Sitges, Austin, Raindance, Alcine, Toronto, among others.

As for the international presence, we have managed to position our catalog in hundreds of festivals, with more than 500 selections achieved in 75 countries, with a particular commitment to a market as competitive as the United States.

In this graph, you can see the countries where we have participated, sorted from more to fewer selections.

The present and the future of Selected Films

Selected Films, as of right now, has achieved the objectives that we set at the beginning, it has one of the best catalogs in the market, and it is getting an evident positioning, being a reference in quality and film festivals distribution.

We are in the growth phase in the number of selections, awards, and international presence, maintaining a diverse and balanced catalog.

You can check our catalog of films in Home sorted by date, or on the complete catalog in alphabetical order.